Business Breakthrough Series – Delivering A Complimentary Coaching Session To Grow Your Business

As a coach growing your business, you will spend a lot of time talking about your coaching services and doing a variety of marketing activities. To leverage your efforts, it is a must to have a proven process in place so that when you attract an interested prospect, it becomes a natural next step to ask for the financial commitment.

Many coaches offer a complimentary session – this can be of great value. BUT the complimentary session must be delivered in a way that grows your business.

Meet Pascale Breton, a participant of the Passion into Profit program. In this interview, Pascale shares the power of embracing a “complimentary” session to grow her business. She outlines the strategies and processes that not only had her gain a paying client but also thoroughly enjoyed the process!

“The complementary session is not a selling process. (I am a salesperson, so I know what that is and how it looks when you sell a product or service to someone.) You’re not selling anything. You’re just making it evident to the customer that he or she needs you. Once they see how they can really benefit from working with you, then they can decide: do I want to invest in this? Is this the next step I want to take?

It’s very clear to me now that the complimentary session really is the very first step, and I will never skip it again.”

~ Pascale Breton

Passion into profit coach’s challenge: Are you attracting a lot of interested prospects? Check out our Turning Prospects into Clients product and learn the step-by-step strategy you can use to maximize your complimentary session and produce more paying clients.

To Niche Or Not To Niche?

Business Breakthrough Series – Pascale Breton, Career Coach

To niche, or not to niche? That is the question that every coach faces at some point.

The internal struggle usually sounds something like this: “I’m not sure I want to specialize in a specific niche because that might limit my ability to attract clients outside of that narrow segment.”

If you’ve found yourself wondering whether targeting a specific type of client would help or hinder your business-building process, you’ll really enjoy this brief interview with Pascale Breton, of, a newly certified Career Coach and participant in the Passion into Profit program.

After you hear the process she went through to identify her niche, the internal shifts that occurred along the way, and the massive impact this had on her bottom line, you’ll have a much richer understanding of the strategic value of a niche.

Passion into Profit Coach Challenge: Be curious, who would be your ideal client if you combined your “effortless” niche and your “love” niche?

Credibility, Community, Confidence and CLIENTS!

I have decided the month of November is Coach appreciation month! Everyday I will connect with my gratitude on the difference the coaching profession has made in my life. This was inspired by the opportunity to participate in the International Coach Federation Credential (ICF) Legacy contest. I submitted a 3 minute video on how being associated with the ICF has in so many positive ways, impacted my career (you can see the video below). In today’s article, my hope is that I inspire you to make your professional growth and certification journey a priority as you manifest your entrepreneurial dreams!


And one more thing, please vote for me - the winner of The Credential Legacy Contest’s grand prize is a lifetime of free ICF Credential renewal applications, which would be a nice addition to this already rewarding journey :) .

Feature Article: Credibility, Community, Confidence…and CLIENTS!

There’s just no substitute for top-notch training, or the instant credibility it gives you! (And yes, I am speaking from experience, lots of it!)I’m proud to say, I’ve been an active member the International Coach Federation since its earliest days. I even co-founded our local ICF Chapter in Vancouver, BC. In 1988, I became the first Master Certified Coach (MCC) in Canada.I cannot say enough about the positive impact that the ICF has on the coaching industry. With world-class training and certification programs, it upholds a standard of quality and ethics that continues to impress and inspire me.
So, when I heard about the ICF “Credential Legacy” campaign, I jumped at the chance to speak my mind and tell other coaches about the impact of my ICF credentials – on me, my business and my ability to make an impact in the world.As the Director of Entrepreneurship at Erickson College International Business Center, it’s my job to help coaches create and grow a profitable coaching practice. I know what works – so believe me when I tell you that a successful business includes rock-solid credentials.Whether you have credentials or not (yet!), I encourage you to click the video image below to hear what I have to say about this. It’s only 3 minutes, but the video offers value and insight – even for those outside of the coaching industry.
(And by the way… you’ll notice a “Vote for this Entry” box just under my smiling face on the voting page; please click on it! If there are people in your network who would benefit from my comments, please feel free to share the video with them via the Twitter and Facebook links provided in the Social Media Links section belowI appreciate you helping me get more votes!When it comes to marketing your business or making a strong first impression, credentials are pure rocket fuel. They make a powerful statement, one that says: “I’ve learned from the best and I know what I’m doing. You can trust me”. And the more advanced your credentials, the more value you have to offer – so the faster that trust develops.No matter what industry you specialize in, it pays to commit to ongoing education and professional development. So, what’s your next step?

Passion into Profit Coaches Challenge: is your coach training and steps towards certification part of your business building plan?

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Can I ask for just a moment of your time and a “click” of support? This is my (friend, college, associate) Teresia LaRocque’s entry for the International Coach Federation’s “Credential Legacy” contest – a 3min video about the impact her coaching credentials had on her entrepreneurial journey. Please take a peek and be sure to click the “Vote for this Entry” button just below it! If you know others who would benefit from her message, please pass it on. Thank you for your support!

Examine Your Beliefs – It May Be The Reason You Are Not Getting Paying Clients


Our own relationship with money has a funny way of interfering in the process of setting fees, running a business, and asking for financial commitments. Most people have a number of limiting beliefs that can show up as internal dialogue and sabotage success.

When it is time to talk about your coaching fees and ask a potential prospect if they want to work with you,  be aware of the quiet whispers in the back of your mind. Do you have some charge on this process? Does it make you uncomfortable? Is it triggering some limiting beliefs?

For example, if you believe that coaching is an expensive luxury, that’s going to affect how comfortable you feel when you ask someone for a financial commitment.limiting-beliefs1

It is important to become aware of the quiet voices in the back of your mind. When you become conscious of these limiting beliefs, you gain the power to shift them.

A belief is a feeling of certainty, something we hold as true, so they can be hard to spot sometimes. To root out your limiting beliefs, just ask yourself, “Where am I not getting the results I want?” There’s a very good chance that your results are being overshadowed by a limiting belief.

You may notice that your prospects’ objections reflect some of your hidden beliefs. For example, if your prospect says, ‘Your services are too expensive!’ investigate whether you secretly believe your services are too expensive. If your clients say “I need to think about it,” ask yourself if you tend to drag your feet before making a commitment.

Don’t get bogged down in trying to figure out why you believe these things or where the beliefs came from… it’s not necessary. Simply recognize that the belief is there, and then refocus on what you want to create. Awareness is a big first step.

Limiting beliefs can be neutralized by getting reconnected with your mission, your values and focusing on what you want to create as a coach in business and taking consistent action to move forward.

Passion into Profit Challenge: Take some time to uncover your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself what beliefs do you need to adopt that will support you in creating a win-win opportunity for both you and your potential client?

Video Blog: Pricing – Let Go of The Hourly Rate

One of the most popular questions I am asked is, “where do I start when I am deciding on how to price my coaching services?”  The biggest mistake I see coaches make is that they establish an hourly rate. Check out this week’s video blog for different coaching program models that allow you to market less, establish long term clients and create sustainable results with your clients.

Passion into profit coach’s challenge: Let go of the hourly rate and determine a monthly coaching program.

The Power of Consciously Cultivating Great Support in Your Life

This month I want to share with you the power of consciously cultivating the right kind of support in your life and not just any kind of support but the extraordinary possibilities of a mastermind team!

I am still reaping the benefits of being at our annual ‘in-person’ mastermind retreat in beautiful Montecito, California in early September. Immediately after our retreat, Kevin MacDonald (a fellow mastermind member) asked me to join him and another colleague and be a guest on his monthly Masters Call for his Extraordinary leader community and talk about how mastermind teams can change lives. It was such an inspiring interview that I wanted to share it with you in today’s feature article.

Kevin and I, would often meet at the “Bali Hut” in the wee hours of the morning and sit in silence and journal about our mastermind experience. Definitely one of my retreat highlights!

Many of you have heard me say, ‘if you are self-employed, being part of a mastermind team is not optional! It is a must to make dreams come true, to get us through life’s challenges, to remind us of our greatness and keep us connected to our greatest vision of ourselves and our life.’

Check out our Resource Of The Month for the special pricing of our ebook The Magic of A Mastermind on creating a sustaining and successful mastermind team.Enjoy today’s Featured Article for a special interview on the Magic of a Mastermind.

Feature Article: The Benefits of Having a Mastermind Team In Your Corner


The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as: “coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

In 2002, I made a decision that changed my life – I decided to create a mastermind team. We meet weekly by phone and once a year, we meet for our ‘in-person’ mastermind retreat. This extended family, extraordinary strategic support and soul friendships have been the number one factor in having the courage to continue to stretch to live a life that I love. Today every coaching program I offer, masterminding is a key component.

Kevin MacDonald, coach, speaker and founder of the Extraordinary leader, asked me to be part of his monthly “Masters Call” and share my perspective on the benefits of a mastermind team. Kevin is a member of two mastermind teams (yes, this is how big he lives his life!) and had his ‘in-person’ mastermind retreats back to back! That’s right, within 17 days he attended two mastermind retreats. That is a lot of masterminding! Hear what Kevin, a member from his Golf Club Manager Mastermind Team, Christopher A. Boettcher and I, have to say about what makes a mastermind work, how they change lives and what you can do to create your own extraordinary mastermind.

Download this interview, take it the gym, turn it on during your next commute, or give yourself the gift of an hour to be inspired to make masterminding a regular part of your entrepreneurial journey.
(60 minute interview) Click on the ebook to download the interview


Passion into Profit Coaches Challenge: What is your next step in creating your very own mastermind team

Resource of The Month: The Magic of The Mastermind – Special offer!

mastermind full book If you want to start your own mastermind team, check out our ebook The Magic of the Mastermind.

The Magic of the Mastermind is the most complete guide available to forming and managing your own mastermind group -your personal board of advisors! Written from the voice of my own mastermind group of coaches, this book includes tips, strategies and insights on what makes a group truly successful.

Because I still have my mastermind retreat buzz, I am feeling extra generous and making our ebook available for half price!Regular price: $49.00 – Buy now and get it for $24.99! Special Pricing in effect until October 31, 2013

The power of a Mastermind group cannot be understated. All the great teachers of success from Napoleon Hill to Anthony Robbins have talked about the benefits of using a mastermind team to make better decisions and get more results with less effort. But always remember: a mastermind group is only as valuable as the level of commitment, confidentiality and accountability of each member.

Increase Your Bottom Line While Adding More Value For Your Clients

value-addedBehavioral, values or market assessments, (e.g. Wheel of Life, DISC and Meta-systems) are powerful tools to add to your suite of services. These tools add focus, structure and objectivity to the conversation, helping the client get clear on where they stand and where they want to go. These insights create openings for deeper levels of service.

Assessments can add structure to your intuition and give you and your client a road map to follow.

Consider offering a Discovery Session, where you book a half-day to go through the assessment process. You can position this as a value-added service that comes as a part of a package or as an up-sell add-on option.  In addition, the information and insights gained from the assessment can be a strong measurement of progress and results created through the coaching relationship.

For each assessment, be clear about the measurable outcome and communicate it well. What will your client walk away with at the end of this process?

Once you have a new client commit to coaching, present an offer for an “accelerated coaching package” that includes different assessments.  Describe the assessments and their outcomes then recommend the client makes an additional upfront investment for a half day with you to create a blueprint for your coaching.  Then conduct, review and analyze those assessments, digging a little deeper and identifying a road map for your coaching program. It’s a great way to cement the relationship, anchor the objectives and generate more revenue in less time.

Some popular assessment tools are:

There are many effective assessment tools so choose one that will best serve your ideal client and one that most aligns with your coaching philosophy.

Passion into Profit Coaches Challenge:

What tools or assessments have you been introduced to you? How can you incorporate them into your coaching practice and have them be an added value service for your clients?

Presenting Your Prices with Confidence


When you’re pondering the question of pricing your products and services, there’s only one way to stand behind them with conviction: be clear on how you are creating value for your clients.

  • What do you have to offer? (brand promise).
  • What do you deliver that others don’t? (unique processes).
  • How do your clients benefit by working with you? (measured results).

When you know these answers inside and out, it becomes much easier to present your fees. If you know you have a tool or process that you can pull out when the time is right, you will feel confident that you can help this person. That confidence becomes a powerful ally when it comes time to stating your fees because both you and the prospect will feel you are ready, willing and able to make a difference.

To put it simply: unique process + measured outcome = confidence in charging appropriately.

Developing Your Unique Processes

One of the best ways to differentiate your business, raise your public profile, justify higher prices and increase your perceived value is to develop a set of unique processes that you can offer your clientele. This can be much simpler than it sounds, once you get into the right mindset, so let’s start there.

In any line of business, good marketing will get you going… but ultimately, we get paid for the results we deliver. As entrepreneurs, we need to know the specific results we require for our clients and we need to track their progress toward these objectives. These measured results earn us client loyalty and new business referrals – and they earn us the right to charge higher fees.

Now, every result you create has a series of specific steps to get there, right? Think of these steps as a unique process that you guide the client through. Can you see that? Good. Because here’s where you can make an entrepreneurial quantum leap: these unique processes are highly-targeted, results-oriented, and very marketable. When we are clear of our unique processes we know without a doubt that we have great value to offer our ideal client.

Let’s say your ideal clients are overwhelmed professionals. The results you help them create are less stress, increased productivity and more focus.

Now clarify what are the specific processes that you use to help your ideal client achieve these results? (Pull out all those amazing tools and processes you learned in your coach training and let’s align them with measured results!)

For example:

You may have a specific time-management tool that leads to less stress and more productivity; a core-alignment process that increases motivation, passion and drive; a productivity wheel that reveals priorities or a strategic plan template that increases focus and clarity.

Embracing your unique processes is a key step in deciding and presenting your fees with conviction and confidence.

Passion into Profit Coach Challenge: Unique processes always start with: ‘Who is my client? Where are they now? What do they want? What can I do to help them get from A to B? Ask yourself these questions and identify 12 of your unique processes.

Video Blog – One Simple Strategy to Turn Your Passion into Profit

What I know for sure is that when we are at our best, that is when we do the most good in the world.

Today’s video blog is a simple but powerful strategy that can transform the results you get in your business. It took me from 3 paying clients to 40 in 3 months. Have I peaked your interest? Read on :) .

For more strategies on building a successful coaching business join us for our upcoming Explore Entrepreneurship webinars happening in September. check out our Resource of the Month (below) for more information and to register.

Also, our next Passion into Profit program will be starting in October! Join us for our complimentary Explore Entrepreneurship webinars and see if the Passion into Profit program is the next best step for you. Click here to register.

Feature Article: We All Have Passion – Act On It!

Deciding to be an entrepreneur is deciding to fully embrace the emotional roller coaster of life. As we build a business, it is normal to have great days and not so great days. When we are stretching out of our comfort zone, sometimes there are more not so great days than we would like.  The key is to leverage those better days! Today’s video shares a simple but yet profound strategy that can not only have you increase your desired results but also increase your great days.

Passion into Profit Coaches Challenge: Put your list of “money making” activities by your phone and be ready to act on your passion!

Resource of The Month: Explore Entrepreneurship Webinar!

September 18th and 24th.

Are you a coach who wants to take your coaching business to the next level?

Do you have a passion for coaching, you love what you do but you struggle to get paying clients? 

Is it time to tap into your inner entrepreneur and embrace your entrepreneurial dreams?
If you said yes to any of the above, then the Passion into Profit program may be the next best step for you. Join me in September for our complimentary webinars where I will be sharing 3 critical strategies that you can begin implementing now to gain one-on-one paying clients and build a solid foundation for a successful coaching business.

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I look forward to partnering with you!





Online Marketing Can ‘Pull’ Customers In

Are you adding online marketing to your marketing plan?

Internet marketing can be overwhelming if you do not have a specific plan.

Check out the 3 straightforward steps I share to help you create a strong online presence.



Online Marketing Can “Pull” Customers In


Passion Into Profit Challenge: How will you automate your processes and enjoy the benefits of having an online platform work for you 24/7?