Are you ready for an Abundant 2011?

I don’t know about you but I’m already thinking about of what I want to create in 2011. I catch myself thinking ’what do I need to do to prepare and put in place so I can experience all that my heart desires in 2011?’  Here at TLC, we are ramping up for an abundant year! How about you?

Were you part of our call On October 21st on “Cutting Through the BS and Getting to the Abundant YES”?

We talked about:

  1. Noticing your thoughts and beliefs around ‘receiving’- practice getting better at receiving – surprisingly for most of us it is not the easiest thing to do!
  2. Cutting through your own BS – you must do the work and be held accountable to the roadblocks you put in your own way.
  3. Take action – you have to plan and take action towards what you want and you can’t do it alone.   

If you missed the call you can listen to the recording at (scroll half way down the right hand column)

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